Sustainable cities – today and tomorrow

The challenge for city governments, energy planners and housing companies is where to start.

Reducing the energy we need for living

Generating the remaining energy in a sustainable way

Preparing for the consequences of climate change

We help you to take the important decisions

The Century Project consortium was created to help cities achieve their climate goals and take appropriate climate adaptation measures. Our team is passionate about sustainability, data and algorithms and ready to support you with software and services! We have developed a number of digital services based on Earth observation data. This data is very useful to estimate the climate impact of cities, but also to identify the potential of renewable energy production. Our approach integrates for the first time the monitoring and planning of energy and green urban infrastructure to make cities more sustainable and resilient and to fight climate change. Projects of the Century!

SaaS for integrated city planning

Within the PARSEC accelerator program, we have developed a SaaS for cities that supports energy and environmental planning, as well as impact assessment and monitoring. This first commercially available module of our solution helps you identify sites and assess the deployment potential of solar, green, and biosolar rooftops. It includes the following features.

Get an overview of climate risks

Based on EO data, temperature, solar radiation, biodiversity or flood levels are constantly monitored. This allows to identify critical districts before problems occur.

Identification of suitable locations & measures

With our AI-based inventory and planning algorithms we identify and analyze roofs, PV facades, energy demand, environmental needs or the renewable potentials of buildings.

Assess the impact & start acting

In the third step, the software creates a masterplan and recommends site-specific actions.
For example, where better insulation of buildings is needed, photovoltaic systems should be installed or green roofs are helpful.

We help you with the needed know-how and tools

Using the software and our vast expertise in this field, we help cities to realize their true potential.

We support you with:


Climate risk analysis

We assess your city with a local diagnostic climate risk vulnerability, development and trends .

Environmental needs analysis

We detect areas by smart location technologies to take action for solve your environmental needs.

Impact evaluation

We evaluate the impact of your environmental actions and help your city to reach its goals.


Screening of Renewable Energy Potential

From hundreds of data sources, we capture the status quo.

Data-driven energy system planning

Analyze your data, create scenarios and plan the future of your energy system.

Custom projects

We use our expertise to develop a tailor-made solution for your needs.

The team behind the century project

The highly motivated team was selected amongst the top 10 teams within the PARSEC program run by the European Space Agency.

Our mission it to bring integrated urban planning for climate resilient and energy renewable cities to the next level! 


Energy decisions made easy

greenventory is a high-tech startup from Freiburg, which has made it its mission to bring the energy transition in the cities.

For this purpose, we offer our customers the necessary decision-making and data basis to enable forward-looking planning of energy systems. greenventory is rooted in Fraunhofer ISE and KIT

GUD_green urban data

Environmental intelligence for healthy cities

Green Urban Data is an impact-tech startup from Valencia, which has made it its mission to create cities that take care of people’s health .

For this purpose, we offer our customers the necessary services and environmental indicators to enable forward-looking planning of environmental systems.

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The Century Project is a consortium funded by the PARSEC Accelerator programme. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824478.

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